CoLET Core and Chapters

(copiously cribbed from P2P Foundation International Charter )

CoLET Starting Positions

  • Global capitalism is an extractive system that works in tandem with state structures to capture as much value as possible.
  • Our environment has been and continues to be eroded in the name of this extraction. Women, black people, and people of the global South are some of the people most impacted by the destructive state and industrial forces and these people are often the testbed for technologies of exploitation that are then deployed against the rest of the population.
  • As radical technologists, we are charged with deploying technologies that might assist those on the frontlines in dismantling capitalism, restoring power and value to their disenfranchised communities, and resuscitating our dying planet.
  • We can best accomplish this by enacting a commons based strategy of pooling knowledge and resources.


  • The core CoLET group is called the Build group.
  • Membership in Build will be capped at 10 members.
  • Build Members must all live in fairly close proximity so that they can meet in face to face.
  • Build Members are added to the organization’s operating agreement.
  • Build Members must commit to regular attendance at meetings and continuing education sessions as well as contributing to CoLET software and/or community projects.
  • After incorporation, any one involved in CoLET projects who wishes to join Build may petition for Build membership after one year of participation. The current members of the Build group will receive and review the petition and decide whether or not to grant Build membership.
  • If for any reason, a CoLET member is unable to join Build, that member may elect to form their own CoLET chapter.

On Money

CoLET wants to make money so we can:

  • Pay people who work on CoLET projects
  • Pay for any necessary insurances
  • Buy and maintain any necessary materials (projector? sound equipment?)
  • Cover childcare
  • Pay for our server space and maintenace
  • Hold nice events and workshops (with food and drinks!)
  • Rent (and maybe eventually buy) space
  • Sponsor CoLET members to attend events

The Build group will form and hold the LLC and the bank account.

CoLET Build will practice open accounting. Enspiral’s CoBudget is a possible tool for this.

How to Form a Chapter

  • If for any reason, a CoLET member is unable to join Build, that member may elect to form their own CoLET Chapter.
  • US-based Chapters can petition to operate with a dba under CoLET’s LLC. CoLET is an LLC registered in Delaware.
  • Knowledge of similar groups working in the same language/geographical area.
    • Willing to collaborate with these existing groups when possible, and not duplicate existing efforts

Submitting Materials for a New Chapter

  • Provide a list of currently involved members, potential partner organizations and a yearly evaluation/report on the group’s activity (in English) to CoLET Build.
  • Request and receive CoLET Build’s written approval before creating any legal structures that bear the name “CoLET”

What are the obligations of the Chapter(s)?

  • Participate in quarterly check-ins with CoLET Build team coordinators.
  • Familiarity and accordance with CoLET’s mission.
  • Attend the CoLET annual meting

Use of the name/domain

  • Any official groups that are aligned with the principles of CoLET can use the name CoLET. However,we ask that you notify us before you create any legal structures bearing the name.
  • Approved chapters can reach out to CoLET Build to be set up with a chapter website under the domain.

CoLET Community

  • CoLET Build meetings are scheduled at the members’convenience. Others are welcome to attend, but we make no promise that they meetings will always be publicized.
  • CoLET Meetups are open to the public and the dates and times should always be published on the website. CoLET Build welcome any of our partners, clients, or members of our local community to participate in the meetup.
  • During the meetup, anyone can share any proposals or petitions they wish to make to the Build group. If anyone is unable to make proposals or petitions in person, they can also send them to the Meetup or Build discussion groups.

Dissolution of CoLET

CoLET is committed to continuing to exist only as long as we continue to be effective in our mission. If, for any reason, we feel (or are told by our community) that we are not fulfilling or efforts, we are receptive to either ceding leadership or dissolving the organization. Any consideration to dissolve the organization will be opened up to the larger community for larger discussion and creative problem solving.

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