Our Emerging Values OR How We Work Right Now

“Children do not begin by learning the rules of grammar and then using these rules to construct a successful sentence. They learn to speak the way they learn to walk: by imitation, trial, error, and endless practice. The rules of grammar are the regularities that can be observed in successful speaking, they are not the

October 2017 Meetup: On Conflict and Accountability

Readings: The Tyranny of Structurelessness by Jo Freeman (article; one of our readings for October 2017) Community Accountability Process by BYP100 (blogposts; one of our readings for October 2017)) What came up for us: Greater Than Code episode 50: Open Source Anarchy – good discussion here about BDFL (Benevolent Dictator For Life model that’s found in

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Against Black Inclusion in Facial Recognition

(reprinted from the Decolonized Tech blog) By Nabil Hassein Researchers have documented the frequent inability of facial recognition software to detect Black people’s faces due to programmers’ use of unrepresentative data to train machine learning models.1 This issue is not unique, but systemic; in a related example, automated passport photo validation has registered Asian people’s

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A Few Alternative Tools

There are so many open source tools to explore and potentially use if you want to tackle your dependency on extractive corporate technology. Here are a few we want to try out: Social Media Mastodon – microblogging tool With Known – blogging and microblogging tool that allows cross-posting to corporate social media Pump.io – microblogging tool

We Weren’t Ready

As a long-time black radical, I am one of those strange individuals that was actually excited when the election results came in. I’d long been waiting for The Bad Thing to happen that would shake the radical Left up and energize the masses to get up, get involved, and get organized. As the months rolled

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Spring/Summer Brainstorming

From May through July 2017, Lauryl, Dana, and I gathered these unedited ideas and resources in a pirate pad as we began to think through what CoLET would/should be. Brainstorm and Resources Name Possibilities  Something with architecture  some variation on bldg. new world within shell of old Day One Collective (DOC) The Today Collective  Tools

Why CoLET?

Dana, Lauryl, and Camille came together in May 2017 to think about how to carve out a space for technology and technologists within radical and progressive activism.  We all come from the cooperative/solidarity economy space and found that while many activists and organizers were thinking about ways to divest from businesses and practices that harm