Announcing Matsutake

CoLET came together around the simple idea that the people working for liberation needed to use tools that lended themselves to the liberatory tasks at hand. Since the day we hatched, we’ve wanted to:

  • challenge movement folks to live and spend according to their values,
  • educate them about better options,
  • be a provider of better options, and
  • also cook and eat amazing food.

Over the years, we’ve been able to do all of this to some degree, but never in a way that felt scalable….until now. After hearing over and over again about movement people being kicked off, surveilled, suspended and stolen from by corporate platforms we started toying with the idea of encouraging people to have their own “digital space”. As our friend Micky Metts from Agaric Coop says,

“Let’s get off the plantation!”

So we’ve spent these last pandemic years creating just that with Matsutake. After lots of trial and error and fighting with servers and code and stylesheets and such, we present it to you.

Matsutake is a plot of digital area that CoLET has set up for folks like you to rent on our servers for as long as you need. We’ve set up some basic templates (using WordPress and various WordPress add-ons) that we think can get most people up and running. (However, if you need something custom, we can probably make that happen for an additional cost).

Matsutake is inspired by the rich and resilient fungal networks that populate our planet and make so much plant and animal life possible. We believe the solidarity economy has the potential to be as strong and life-giving, and we are excited to be another node in the growing space of radical tech collectives and coops.

Matsutake is a side-hustle of love built to serve the communities that made us and the blessed communities to come. We don’t store up your data and sell it to anyone. That’d just be wrong! We aren’t all up in your business either.

Because it is open source, any of this can be pulled up and move to your own server or someone else’s in the future if you prefer! We support you in getting as free as you can be.

If this sounds intriguing to you, learn more by clicking here.

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