Maintenance Plan

Coverage Times

Troubleshooting will be provided to the Client by Consultants between the hours of 10am and 5pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays and the day after Thanksgiving. These times are referred to as “Consultant Business Hours”.

Development Site

Consultants will maintain a development site on Consultant’s servers. The development site is a regularly-updated copy of the production site. Consultants will use the development site to test updates and demonstrate new development before it is deployed to the production site.


We will implement automated monitoring of select services and assets, including:

  • Site status (i.e. whether the site is up or down);
  • DNS monitoring to ensure that Client’s domain names do not expire and are not altered without authorization.
  • SSL certificate expiration monitoring to ensure encryption certificates do not expire.
  • Backup monitoring to ensure backups are taking place successfully.
  • Ensure CiviCRM cron (scheduled tasks) are running
  • Monitor CiviCRM extensions for available updates


If the website goes down, we will provide 15 minutes of complimentary preliminary analysis to determine the cause of the site outage and implement any immediately available solutions. We will then report our findings. Fixes for site outages beyond the initial 15 minutes of analysis and troubleshooting are not included and will be billed against support hours.

We will prioritize troubleshooting site outages for maintenance plan subscribers and will always aim to work on the problem as soon as possible. However at this time we cannot guarantee 24/7 availability or a turnaround time of less than one business day.

Software Updates


Your WordPress website will be added to our system so all notifications of updates to core software, plugins and themes can be applied. After reviewing the updates will be applied weekly, unless there is a security update, which will be applied as soon as possible.

We do NOT update any custom themes or plugins that hasn’t been developed by us or someone we collaborate with.


We receive all announcements from the CiviCRM Security mailing list. Additionally, your site will be configured to notify us when new updates are available for CiviCRM core or any installed extensions.

Upon receipt of notification of available updates, Consultants will assess whether security updates are critical updates.

Critical security updates will be tested within one business day of receipt of the notification. Non-critical security updates will be tested and implemented based on our review updates to ensure there are no regressions, as much as we can.

Non-security updates will only be applied if the update fixes a specific problem that is being experienced.

All updates will first be tested on the development site to ensure that they do not cause major disruption to the website. If the updates are evaluated to be safe, we will deploy the updates to the production website and do a final review to spot any major disruption to the site caused by the updates. Updates causing disruptions may be rolled back via a restore from the most recent backup.


We will install and configure a backup solution your website. Automated backups of the database(s) will be scheduled as follows:

  • daily for 15 days
  • weekly for 9 weeks
  • monthly for 6 months

This includes an off-site backup for up 50GB. There is a $5 per 50GB additional charge as needed.

Automated backups will be automatically monitored to ensure that the backups are running and that the backups produced are valid and complete MySQL database dumps of the Website’s database.

Virtual Server Maintenance [VPS Maintenance]

We will install updates of server software on a biweekly basis.

We will implement automated monitoring of the following additional services: SSH availability, disk space available, load monitoring.

Emergency System Maintenance

We may perform up to 15 minutes of Emergency System Maintenance when necessary at no charge. Emergency System Maintenance means unscheduled Maintenance requiring immediate action on our part in order to keep the systems functioning in accordance with appropriate service levels.

Excluded Services

Requests for support on the following are always considered part of our Support Services and will be billed against support hours.

  • Any services or applications other than WordPress or CiviCRM.
  • Updates released for third-party themes that have been customized in any way.
  • Updates to any custom modules, plugins or other custom code.
  • Support for client use of command-line developer tools
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