Support Services

Support will be provided by purchasing support time, with a minimum purchase of five hours each time. When that time has been used, more time can be purchased. Support excludes new feature development, this would be managed as a project.

Client Communications

We will create an account on our website for you to pay and have access to your transaction history with us. Support needs will be emailed to help [at], tickets will also be available to view from our website.

Coverage Times

Troubleshooting will be provided to the Client by Consultants between the hours of 10am and 5pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays and the day after Thanksgiving. These times are referred to as “Consultant Business Hours”.

Supported Browsers

Consultants will support the use of CiviCRM by Client staff with the Firefox and Chrome web browsers only. Consultants will support pages available to the general public with the Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers only.

Response and Resolution Times

Consultant will respond to Client issues in a timely manner as defined below. For all times listed below, time is only considered to elapse during Consultant Business Hours.

  • Response time is counted from the time Client initiates incident by notifying Consultants by a method defined in Client Communications.
  • Consultants will respond to email acknowledging receipt in one business day.

In the event of an urgent incident:

  • The on call technician will begin working on the incident within 1 hour of Client contacting Consultants.
  • Urgent incidents will  billed as Rushed Work.

Consultants aim to resolve support requests within two weeks of receipt. Complexity of the work and the timeliness of Client communications will be considered when providing an estimate.

“Urgent incident” is used herein to refer to service not available (all users and functions unavailable), significant degradation of service (large number of users substantially affected, or business critical functions affected), or an incident in which a user is unable to complete the same task on a different computer. “Non-urgent incident” is used herein to refer to a limited degradation of service (limited number of users affected, business process can continue).

Rush Work

If Client elects to use the hours provided for Support by the terms of this rider for Rush Work, 150% of time spent will be deducted from the hours available to Client account. Rush Work rates only apply if a) work must be performed in a shorter time frame than outlined above and b) work time exceeds 15 minutes.

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