February 2018: On Race, Gender, Capitalism, and “Biopower”

What We Read:

What came up for us:

[vimeo 36579366 w=640 h=360]

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo.

Dynamic Land in Oakland is a building that is a computer. A more immersive and tactile experience https://dynamicland.org/

How can we prioritize the social and cultural when capitalism is economics first?

Proprietary software defines the scope of what is possible in tech so often.

What Can A Technologist Do About Climate Change? (forthcoming article)

Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain discussion of class and racial dynamic in Occupy

How can you do education in a protest movement?

Does the term “radical” mean anything anymore?

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